Monday, March 15, 2010

Northeast Indoor Pool Series: Omni Bedford Springs Resort

I've been wanting to write about this place since I started this blog, because I like it so so much.  But I held off, because I think most people don't think about driving into the heart of Pennsylvania in the middle of winter.  Now that spring is almost here, I imagine that you might read this and actually take the trip.  Today I'll write about the resort (and its beautiful indoor pool, that uses their natural mineral spring water), but all this week, I'll write about the road trip to and from...because if you want to build a whole trip around the getting there and the coming back, there is great stuff to do both ways.
  Here's the story with the Omni Bedford Springs Resort:  It has been around for forever--since the early 1800s--as it was a destination because of its eight mineral springs.  In 2007, it re-opened, after a brilliant renovation, that cost a whopping $120 million, and brought the hotel back to its historic grandeur, with just the right amount of modern.  It's really the best renovation I think I've ever seen.  Everything there is really perfectly done.  It's the kind of place that would make these kinds of people happy: history buffs, antique/vintage shoppers (great antiquing in town), food/wine obsessed, design obsessed, spa goers (world-class spa with well trained therapists and great products). The rooms are so well appointed, the staff is great, and the food is so good.  It's about four hours from NYC, so you really would want to stay at least two nights, to make the drive worth it...but enough talking about it--look at the pictures.
(the antique flag behind reception)
(1796 Room, one of three restaurant options at the property--the decor is so insanely perfect)
(The Crystal Room, where breakfast and buffet meals are served)
(the outdoor pool, which was lovely, but it was too cold to use.  note the shallow ledge that is perfect for toddlers, and the cabanas perfect for naps)
(outdoor fire pit/smore happenings)
(the spa indoor whirlpool, with cold plunge in the back, and the original water bottles from the bedford springs)
(a staircase in the hotel--just to show you the level of perfect renovation that happened)
(reproduction wallpaper)
(hand forged local room numbers and signage)


  1. how i wish I lived in NY, so I could go!

  2. Actually, this resort is in south Central Pennsylvania near Bedford PA. It is about 3 miles off the Bedford Pennsyvania Turnpike Interchange.