Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nonchalant Mom checks out the Postcard Inn

I did a post last week about a Times article that wrote up the Postcard Inn in St. Petersburg Florida...and I recommended it to a friend, who booked her family spring break there.  I always get a little nervous when someone takes my recommendation for a place I haven't actually been, so when I read that Nonchalant Mom just went there, and loved it, I was very relieved. No, I don't know Nonchalant Mom, but everything I read about her, I like.  Check out her post--her pictures (I'm only showing two of her many here) are also so much better than the Postcard Inn's website--I would book a trip just based on her pics and her comments.
(pictures from nonchalant mom)

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  1. i actually emailed carina about this place as i saw it on her blog and wanted to go. her travels inspire us so much, we asked her to tell us about her summer road trip. another travel idea...for those interested.