Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cookbooks That Inspire Travel

(above, some of our collection)
I've bought books on amazon.co.uk in the past, so I get emails when new cookbooks come out. Usually I can't stand getting emails from anyone trying to sell me anything, but I like getting these, because they are always books or chefs I haven't necessarily heard of, and I'm always so pleased with whatever I order.  I just saw that Jamie Oliver is coming out with a book on April 15, inspired by his travels in Europe. I really love Jamie Oliver (who doesn't?) and I like the way he approaches travel (his magazine showcases alot of it), so I bet it will be good.  
Here are some of my favorites that I learned about from the UK site, but are now on Amazon in the States, so you don't have to worry about expensive shipping charges...

Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros (Greece, Finland)

Kitchen of Light by Andreas Viestad (Scandinavia)(this has inspired a trip to Norway, hopefully this summer!)

Beaneaters and Bread Soup by Lori di Mori (Tuscany) (this showcases all these different farmers, restauranteurs, and artisans, and we used it as a guide when we were there)
French Feasts by Stephane Reynaud (Actually, I like every book by him!) 

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  1. I LOOOVE Tessa Kiros -- Her other book "Apples for Jam" which I see you have on your cookbook shelf doesn't inspire travel but is great for cooking with kids!