Friday, February 5, 2010

Unexpected Spring Break: Little Corn Island

I've never been to this place, Farm Peace Love , but I love the way this bio-farm with self-catering accommodation looks. I especially like the sweet little cottage on the beach, for $80 a night, that sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids... There is a kitchen, and apparently you can get your food replenished from the owners' farm, or take a boat into the closest village to buy more groceries.  There's also a restaurant on property, and the couple that owns it-- Paola (Italian) and Bing (Nicaraguan)--alternate cooking their native cuisines. There's even an espresso machine in the cottage. (What do you expect from an Italian owner?) The more I look into this island, the more stories I find about it, from the NY Times to Daily Candy.  It seems like a place we'd love--quiet, not overloaded with tourists, sleepy beaches, bonefishing, calm water, and cheap beer.

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