Monday, February 22, 2010

Montreal Half Day

We really wanted to go back to Montreal, to the Jean Talon Market (a vast food market, even in the winter months), and bring Clara, since we had gone on a weekend trip without her last January.  It was just an hour and 15 minute drive from our hotel here, so we decided to go there for lunch.  We were hungry so we ate lunch first, at the Premiere Moisson bakery there, and had a delicious ham sandwich, soup, quiche...and creme brule for dessert. 
Everything looked amazing.  The market was as perfect as I remembered--we bought mushrooms, raw milk cheeses, beautifully canned maple syrups, dried mushrooms, and a hand-made lanolin lotion. I gave Clara $20 and we had a math lesson the whole way--and even if her subtraction wasn't the best, I think she was starting to get how much things cost and how it all works. 
 Then we went a couple of blocks away to Petite Italie (their Little Italy is the best I have ever been to--it feels just like Italy--old men sitting around, soccer games blaring on the TV, and Italian posters and soccer balls), and had a perfect macchiato at Cafe Italia.  Afterwards, we stocked up on all sorts of pastas, olive oils, anchovies, and mustards, at Milano, a great Italian supermarket a couple of doors down.
(homemade pasta at Milano)
(photos matthew hranek )

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