Wednesday, February 3, 2010

File Under Rentals: Prince Edward Island

We did a story in Cookie last year, on PEI as a destination.  I like the idea that there are white sandy beaches, and the ocean there is warmed by the gulf stream, making for swimmable water in the summer. There's great food there,  and rental houses aren't very expensive, even waterfront.  I started looking the other day, and found this really nice one, that was featured in Country Living Magazine. It still has availability for the first two weeks in August, and it's $2500 a week--for a 3000 square foot home on the beach, that sleeps 10, and is nicely decorated, I call that a deal.


  1. One of the most important events in
    Prince Edward Island
    history is the role it played in shaping the Canada we know today. In 1864, a small group of elected officials gathered in Charlottetown to discuss the idea of uniting three Maritime jurisdictions. It was during this conference that the idea of a larger union and the creation of a country was introduced.

  2. This place has always held an interest for me. Reading your profile, it sounds like we would have a lot in common. No kid for us yet, but I admire your attitude!
    I just looked at your Montreal link... We're thinking about that for Dec. I'm sure we'll post about it if we do. All best,