Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Love the Ace Hotel, NYC

lamb burger at the breslin
Yesterday we were out and about in the city, and craving lunch at a cozy restaurant, ideally with a fireplace (it was 18 degrees for most of yesterday).  We were in lower midtown, so we headed to Keen's , one of my all-time favorites, but it's closed on weekends for lunch.  Disappointed, we figured we'd head to the East Village, and switch gears to a Japanese noode house, like Sobaya , Ramen Setagaya, or Momofuko Noodle Bar ...but then we remembered the Breslin at the Ace Hotel , and figured since we were in the area, it was worth seeing if we could get a table.  Luckily, we got three seats at the bar, and settled into the most delicious lamb burger ever (and I'm not even a big fan of lamb).  The fries they serve with it are huge, and perfectly fried, and come with a kind of curry mayonnaise.  We also got lentils with poached eggs and steak and eggs. It was all perfect. Afterwards, we got a coffee from Stumptown  (they have an outlet in the hotel, right next to the Breslin, and then asked to see a couple of rooms.  We got shown around by the nicest guy, Adam, who was so informed about the hotel, and so passionate, and ended up showing us probably 5-6 rooms.  They are so well appointed, and so well priced--and it's a property with so much personality, we became instant fans.  We're sending our friend here who is visiting from Austria next month, and I'd send families and hipsters, and hipster families, and families with teens.  They have rooms with bunk-beds (big with the Europeans who are used to hostels), which would be perfect for teens, especially if you get a room for the parents right next to it.  Adam works in reservations, and says he talks to people calling the hotel all day long, helping them figure out what room is right for them.  Because it was an SRO before it's life as the Ace, each room is really different, so it's a good idea to call, rather than just book off what you see on the website.  When I say it's reasonable, we are talking rooms that are super nice, and reasonably big, in the range of $199.  And you get a very cool coffee shop and restaurant downstairs...and a very enthusiastic, thoughtful staff.

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  1. You and Matt need to come see the PDX version and have coffee at the Flagship Stumptown!