Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paris, Day 2

We were lucky enough to stay at the Plaza Athenee in Paris. It's a grand hotel, one that they call a 'palace hotel', and yet it's so child friendly that during the fall they bring a carousel into their inner courtyard, and kids can ride on it as many times as they want. From December until February they turn the courtyard into an ice skating rink. It's just that kind of place--they take an ultimate fantasy, and make it a reality.
Which brings me to breakfast at the hotel. It's in the dining room of the Ducasse restaurant, and it is probably one of the most magical rooms ever (see Clara eating and enjoying the room above). There are chandeliers and crystals (12,000 crystals) hanging from the ceiling, sparkling....and the most beautifully illustrated kids menu (read after the jump to see their menu). The pastry basket is divine, and I don't even like pastries. And they serve the food with a silver dome--very impressive especially for our daughter who is obsessed with all things fancy.  Note the kids menu below, probably the chicest kids menu I've ever seen...
On another note, they've just opened up a new spa there, the Dior Institut, and it is such a treat. I had a facial there, and it was so good, especially the way they give an upper body and foot and leg massage. What a great way to beat the jet lag.

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