Thursday, January 14, 2010

On My Wish List: Small Hope Bay Lodge

I think the warmest its gotten in the last seven days is maybe 32 degrees, so I'm just imagining all the other places I would love to be this winter.  We covered this family owned lodge, in the Bahamas, on the island of Andros, in Cookie, a couple of years ago.  My husband and his friend Stephen Lewis reviewed it for me, which they were very excited to do, because it's paradise for fly-fisherman, since the bonefish there are so prolific.  They both agreed it was a very cool place, although not upscale at all, so not for the fancy resort set--they seemed concerned that the Cookie reader might have an issue that there was Dial Soap in a pump container in the shower.  Regardless, we wrote it up, and a year later, our new beauty director came to Cookie, and raved on and on about how she read about Small Hope Bay Lodge in Cookie, and went with her whole family, had a blast, and has gone back every year since then.  I think it's my turn now, right?