Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Mall Worth Seeking Out: Westfield

I was out in San Francisco a while back, and met up with a friend for a quick lunch in the food court of the mall downtown, called the Westfield  San Francisco.  Now a mall in San Francisco isn't your typical horizontal sprawl, surrounded by parking, with food options like Cinnabon--it's very vertical, and right on Market Street (I think there's a valet for parking if you don't self-park a block or two away), and the food selection reads like--organic local sustainable ice cream, an outlet of The Slanted Door (my favorite Vietnamese in SF)'s not as great as the Ferry Building, but it's pretty great, and it's a perfect place to spend a rainy half day.  Now, when we went into the bathroom, I fell in love with this company that manages these 55 malls around the country.  They have a family lounge in almost every shopping center, which includes private nursing areas, bottle warmers, microwaves, play areas, kid-friendly bathrooms (shorter sinks and toilets), baby changing's pretty amazing.  I just looked up the one at the Garden State Plaza in NJ, which is probably the closest one to me, and they even have priority parking for expecting moms.

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