Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Half Moon, Jamaica

We went to Half Moon in Jamaica for a long weekend...it seemed like it might be too quick to make the trip, but it was so easy to get there, that it was totally worth it.  With so many nonstop flights into Montego Bay, and Half Moon just an eight-minute drive from the airport, it was so hassle free.  As you can see from these pictures, the weather wasn't that great, but that just meant less time at the pool and the beach, and more time exploring the
Jamaica_5property, which had so many things going on. The Friday night beach BBQ is amazing--completely caught in time. There was live music that was actually really good, several amazing contortionists, delicious goat curry (lots of regular things as well, but this seemed special), and we ate on wooden picnic benches in the sand, right next to the sea.
There is a kids club there, with a pool, and a playground, which you can use even when the kids club isn't going on. The spa is really good--I opted for a consultation with the 'spa elder,' who talked to me and figured out what treatment and therapist would be best for me, and it ended up being an amazing fit...i would never have opted to get a body scrub and wrap, and it was so so good. The gym is great, too.
The new thing they have there is a children's farm, which is very sweet, and was a nice rainy day option. Clara was able to feed rabbits, goats, donkeys, and go on a pony ride. One of our other favorite moments was walking on the Half Moon beach, searching for shells, and then having a drink in the bar area, listening to the band.  On our way out, we checked out all the old pictures on the wall, and realized that Jackie and John Kennedy came here on a getaway way back when... so perfect, as the glamour of the 1950s seems very alive and well at Half Moon-the architecture, the decor, the crowd (lots of people who have been coming here for years)...it has managed to feel caught in time, with the right amount of update.

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