Thursday, January 28, 2010

File Under Rentals: Swedish House, Puglia

I'm already thinking about summer.  I would love to find the perfect little house to rent in Greece, southern Italy, or hey, even Idaho.  The thing is, I just want to find a house or apartment that has the right feel to it, and is in a good location.  I know this is what everyone wants, but it seems that so many people renting out their places, just don't get what makes a rental fantastic.

I thought I'd start collecting my favorites here, starting with this one in Puglia.  I love Puglia, which is in the south of Italy, actually, the heel of the boot.  I was there several years ago, and fell so in love with it, that we imagine that someday we could buy a little house there.  Check out this sweet little house, in the town of Depressa, which, despite its name, is lovely.  It's also about 5 km from a nearby fishing village called Castro Marina, and a little swimming beach.  I think this website, owned by a woman who lives in Puglia, is worth bookmarking.

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