Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa's Workshop: Adirondacks

Words of wisdom for any parent on a trip:  don't hype up anything you plan to visit, unless you have called ahead and verified once, and maybe twice, that the place you are heralding as the greatest thing in the world is (1.) open, and (2.) has availability.  I had been talking up Santa's Workshop for days.  It was supposed to be the cutest little amusement park, around since 1949, and here we were, staying just a 20 minute drive from it.  It was pouring rain on Saturday, so we headed out on a lovely Sunday morning, all excited, until we got to the empty parking lot.  How could this be?  How could any tourist attraction be closed on a Sunday in the height of the summer?  But yes, it was.  And it was devastating.  Poor Clara...she took it hard...and it probably took a good 15 minutes to get over it.  We promised a return, and that we would call way way way in advance and make sure they were open.  It looked really cute from the outside.

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