Wednesday, December 23, 2009

iPhoto tricks

I'm a huge fan of making little photo books for my friends and family at Christmas.  I buy the medium paperback ones (no minimum amount which is great) and they are $10.99 (then they add in shipping which makes it more like a $16 gift).  No one prints out pictures anymore, so these books really mean something and everyone loves them.  I also do a yearly book on Clara--Clara in 2003, 2004, you get the idea...I used to use the inside first page to write the most memorable things she said, places we went...then it just started to feel a little like a Christmas form letter, so I stopped that--just a picture instead.  But one thing we've started doing makes the book even more fun to produce, and look at.  Everywhere we travel, we see cool cars.  We ask her to pose like she's getting into it, and now we have this collection of her and the cars.  I also do this with her and food she's eating.  It makes for a nice series, which works so well in a double page spread in the book.