Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cracker Barrel Rocks

I always turned my nose up to chain restaurants when we were on road trips.  I figured that with enough research (;; reading "apple's america") i could come up with something healthy, or honest, or both.  then we drove from new york to west virginia, and i realized i was wrong.  unless we wanted to take three days to get there, so i could find the most perfect spot to stop, i was going to have to cave.  that's how i ended up at cracker barrel...and let me tell you--you can actually have a great bowl of beans, cornbread, and mac and cheese.   everything else seemed pretty uninteresting, but those were delicious.  they even have a cool (yes, i mean that) gift shop, with lots of dvds (we bought mr. ed) that you wouldn't normally think about--old school movies...and lots of candy with old school packaging.

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